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About us

Nations in the WIO region are home to coastal communities facing risk from global change. Concomitantly, all are actively devising strategies to understand and manage the risk.

The overarching objective of the project is to develop strategies to extend the impact of emerging knowledge relating to coastal vulnerability to enable local government and communities to use knowledge in order to facilitate adaptation and build resilience to climate change. The project vision states that: by 2016 local government and other stakeholders have access to effective guidance on best applicable practices on the production, management and use of emerging knowledge on coastal vulnerability to climate change to facilitate adaptation in the WIO countries. The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Assess the type and readiness of emerging knowledge on coastal vulnerability to inform and guide climate change adaptation at local government level;
  • Evaluate the current capacity of local government and governance structures to use emerging knowledge on coastal vulnerability to inform adaptation and build resilience;
  • Devise strategies and make recommendations to:
    • Strengthen knowledge management systems to generate, manage and disseminate knowledge relating to vulnerability to climate change to local government, with a particular focus on how this knowledge can be successfully taken up by local government;
    • Build capability of local government to implement this emerging knowledge;
  • Test the applicability of improved knowledge systems to improving local government ability to use emerging knowledge and monitor their uptake.

The project will use a combination of research methods and techniques including desktop reviews, semi-structured interviews, stakeholder engagement in problem analysis and piloting of specific knowledge management and use approaches.